About Us

Welcome to Tree Pursuits!

We are devoted to trees and the natural world.

Trees are pretty lovely and have an incredibly long lifespan. Being able to get up each day and enjoy the outdoors is a privilege.

On this site, you’ll find the combined expertise of a group of authors that share a love of gardening and landscaping.

Additionally, we receive assistance from landscapers and gardeners who are truly passionate about everything connected to gardening and who use that enthusiasm to contribute to the development of our editorial content strategy.

We at TreePursuits.com are dedicated to giving you reliable, practical information on trees.

In order to respond to your questions, we assemble the necessary professional tree guides from the experience of tree specialists.

We wish to assist you whether you’re updating your entire landscape or just giving it a little sprucing up.

Our Team

James Brown, Founder and Writer

James is a specialist in plants and a gardener. He spends practically all of his time cultivating and caring for plants.

This is now his primary focus in life.

He grew his collection of specimens in his garden over time. He also started growing indoor plants.

He currently has a large variety of plants in his collection, ranging from trees to succulents.

Antonina Moore, Writer

Since 2010, Antonina Moore has worked as a writer. She contributes to a lot of websites.

Her work is heavily influenced by topics like travel, motherhood, gardening, and home renovation.

Johnpaul Reynolds, Editor

Johnpaul Reynolds has always loved gardening and has worked in the field of horticulture.

He is dedicated to changing how people view gardens and gardening.

The work of Johnpaul often appears in trade and consumer periodicals, as well as a variety of online gardening and lifestyle outlets.